Thursday, 8 December 2011

Zambian Community in South Africa host a dinner dance

The Twikatane social club recently held a dinner dance for Zambians living in South Africa.
The purpose of the event was to bring Zambians together, to know each other and to interact.
The event was graced by Zambian Deputy High Commissioner to South Africa, Emmanuel Kasanga.
Commissioner Kasanga commended Twikatane for holding such an event.
He also urged Zambians who have been applying for land in Zambia to continue doing so.
'' You should continue applying for land in Zambia. Don't be discouraged, the process is still on going. Just keep applying,'' he said.
The event was characterised by Zambian Music and a live performance by upcoming Zambian artist Arnold Nthala.

The Event in pictures

Deputy High Commissioner Kasanga with Thazy

Me with Deputy High Commissioner Kasanga
Arnold Nthala

Sunday, 6 November 2011

African Women Writers Symposium 2011

The second African Women Writers Symposium will meet under the motto of “Dream, Speak, Read, Reclaim”: African women writers and women of African descent walk the talk, in order to take the next step of ‘walking the talk’ to women’s emancipation and social, cultural and economic freedom. The Symposium will take place in several venues (mainly at Wits University) between the 18 and 20 November 2011.
Watch this space for more information!

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Essay Competition

An essay competition is coming soon on this blog.
The competition will be open to Zambian men only. The competition will mostly focus on issues affecting women and children. 
This is to engage the men in the advancement of women and protection of children. It is hoped that, through this essay competition issues affecting women and children will be raised. Am hoping this will be a learning curve for  everyone.
Keep reading the blog for updates on the competition. One winner takes it all. Awesome prizes, make sure you don't miss.
Let's all help in getting rid of gender discrimination and child abuse.
Thank you for your support.
Love you,